Welcome to the EBOSS Group

EBOSS of the EBOSS Group is an acronym that stands for Education, Branding, Optimization, Strength, and Support. We understand that every business and organization is different and that has enabled us to work with solopreneurs and organizations with over 1,000 employees.

We chose to use the word Group in our name because that is exactly what we are. We do NOT have clients, we have members. We believe strongly in working with you and your team and thus view ourselves as part of your organization. In addition, we will take the time to introduce you to our other members if there is a synergy that can be developed through that relationship.

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The EBOSS Group was founded by a former teacher of mathematics and logistics. For this reason, Education has always been an important component of the EBOSS Group. There is an old saying, "Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime." While we might not be great fishermen, we know how to educate and train our members and their teams. We use the following methods for helping educate our members:

  • In-Person Sessions
  • Online Video Calls
  • Phone Calls
  • Email Support
  • eLearning Portal

Branding is a word that most managers want to ignore. The reason is they believe that putting money into brand development is passive where money spent on external marketing can drive new business. While there is some truth to that, the problem lies when your opinion of your brand does not match that of your prospective consumers. The other problem comes when money spent on one marketing strategy does not work as designed because there was no real plan for utilizing that form of marketing. Remember, you can only spend a dollar one time.

We work with you to make sure that your marketing plan and budget are designed to exceed expectations. Stop throwing money at digital marketing and print and promotional products. Let us bring The Branding Puzzle to your organization and make sure that you have all the pieces fitting in the right places.



Optimization goes hand-in-hand with Knowledge Management. Without the right information, technology, and processes, you are not going to be able to achieve optimal results. Note that we carefully selected optimal and not maximum. That is simply because the maximum is definite and nearly impossible to achieve because it allows for no error which is unheard of in the business world. Optimal, however, means that you reached your desired level or goal. When a proper strategy is created, it is possible for you to reach and even exceed your goals. By working with the EBOSS Group, you will benefit from having a Chief Knowledge Advisor who works with your organization to make sure the processes and technology being used allow you to reach optimal efficiency and profit margins.

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Your organization is only as strong as its weakest link. When you and other key members of management are not mentally and physically strong, it can affect the culture within your organizations. Creating an organization that can grow depends on the ability of management to create a strong culture. Unless your organization is made up of a team that can work from home and be 100% independent, you need to make sure each person is a good fit for your organization and will thrive in the environment your organization has created or better yet is trying to create. The process does not end, however, with just trying to hire the right people. Once you have them, you need to keep them.

In a number of surveys about why businesses fail, the number one reason provided by the employees of the organizations is lack of management. While management is spending time trying to figure out how to grow the business, they are forgetting about the importance of strengthening the business from the inside first. The catch is that organizational strength is also dependent on individual strength. If you and your management team are not mentally and physically healthy, that will show to your team and can negatively impact performance. Mentally healthy means focused on what you need to do and having the capacity to not be distracted by other things happening in your life. Physically healthy means being able to physically perform your various tasks at an efficient and high level. When either of these begins to slip, it can impact overall strength.


Have you ever started and project and the assistance was great at the beginning but once the project was complete, it was hard to get the necessary support needed months or years later? With the EBOSS Group, we believe in providing the ongoing support our members deserve. Once you become a member (client) of the EBOSS Group, you will receive access to our Membership Support Portal. Here you will be able to access a number of resources designed to get you the support needed. These include an online form submission that goes directly to a special email address that is monitored for support related needs. If you prefer, you can also schedule a phone call, online video call, or in-person meeting through the online scheduler provided. This makes sure we are able to prioritize your needs and give you 100% of our focus at the time of your scheduled support. To us, we never believe that a project is complete because once "complete" we leave you with support!

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