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The EBOSS Group is designed to help members of small organizations receive the benefits of large organizations. Through our blog, we will be providing tips that enable you to grow your business!

The NEW & Improved EBOSS Group

Welcome to the EBOSS Group! We are excited about the launch of our group platform as we know it will help small organizations receive benefits usually provided to large organizations.

New Year's Day brings about a new beginning and for many it allows them to set new goals or resolutions. For us, we have been building to this for the last few months and making sure we have in place the tools and partners to make this group a great success and most importantly a TRUE benefit to YOU!

In order to understand who we are, let us briefly discuss how we originated. In 2011, our founder, Chris Vaughan created Firm Transitions, LLC (a consulting and recruiting company for law firms). In 2012, he wanted to find a way to bring more value to the small law firms so the Firm Transitions Network was born. However, it did not have the internal impact he was looking for when creating the group. In 2013, Firm Transitions expanded and started providing back office support to small organizations under the name Bizness Transitions. Then in 2014, the EBOSS Group was formed as a holding company for the various small companies either owned or partially owned by our founder. Accordingly, these small companies became divisions of the EBOSS Group.

With a continued desire to help small organizations, we realized that the bundling of key business tools is exactly what many small organizations need. Unlike many groups whose discount programs solely drive business to large organizations, the EBOSS Group was designed to help small organizations network and provide value to members that enables both parties to grow! Small organizations utilize referral marketing all the time. We have just found a way to take it to the next level. While we are happy to provide members with a residual income stream for promoting new members, we do NOT earn a sales commission for business between members. We make sure that the commission earned goes into the buyers pocket by making sure all members provide other members with their best pricing.

We are excited to help you Grow Your Business! The question is, "Are you ready?"