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The EBOSS Group is designed to help members of small organizations receive the benefits of large organizations. Through our blog, we will be providing tips that enable you to grow your business!

The Value of a Digital Phone Line

As we grow more dependent on smartphones and mobile devices, the number of people using their cell phone numbers to do business has drastically increased. For years, our cell phone numbers were coveted and we were protective of these numbers so that no one could call us at random hours of the night or when we were not working. Due to the belief we need to be available, many of us are losing our identities and focus as to what is important. We sacrifice our personal time and take away from relationships so we can be available at all times. By providing our cell phone number, we are telling current and prospective clients, I am always available to you! While this definitely helps to promote your customer service, there are better ways this can be achieved. One such way is through a digital number.

Below we will outline the key benefits of a digital number and how it can enhance your business and personal life:
  • Most importantly, it can help to protect your identity. Did you know that Facebook, Google, and other companies have developed enhanced marketing metrics that enable their customers to zero in on specific individuals and market to them directly? Every place you put your phone number, websites are tracking that information and many (especially sites that are heavy on promoting paid advertising) are using or selling that information. When you use your cell phone number for your bank accounts and other key personal or financial services, you are increasing the chances you could fall victim to identity theft. This is due in large part to the fact you are probably also blasting your cell phone number to everyone via the internet. You can fix this by changing your cell phone number on websites to your digital number. Since you are not likely to use that digital number to register for key personal accounts, you are able to keep your cell phone number more private and thus once again take steps to protect your identity.
  • Provides you with a similar value to giving out your cell phone number. When used as your "direct number" it provides the same value as giving out your cell phone number. Really, people just want to know they can reach you without having to go through a fully automated answering service and need to remember your extension. The digital number can point to your cell phone, work phone, home phone, or even all of the above simultaneously enabling you to receive calls wherever and whenever you desire. In addition, you can even send and receive text message through the platform we provide our members. Thus enhancing the belief to your clients that you have indeed provided them with your cell phone number.
  • Make sure that the digital number you are using enables you to set up your working hours so that you can decide whether you want to be bothered 24 hours a day or just a few hours and on which specific days. If you do not want to be open 24 hours, then you want to have features that enable you to set two different away messages, one for during working hours and one for non-working hours. Either way, you will be able to contact anyone who leaves you a message whenever you desire because all your voicemail messages should be emailed or texted to you. This allows you to check messages when you have a free minute and still respond to people who really need your help during non-work hours.
  • Send and receive faxes through your digital number. While faxing has become less relevant, there are still times that you need to send or receive a fax. When using a digital number that can send and receive faxes, you are able to operate more efficiently because you are no longer dependent on being in a specific physical location to send or receive important information. It is as simple as receiving and sending an email.
If you have any questions about VoIP systems or digital phone numbers, please contact us at your convenience. If you are considering EBOSS Group Membership, note that all of our packages will provide you with a digital local or toll-free number.

Introducing EBOSS Group Membership!

Over the last few months we have worked internally and with strategic partners to put together a platform that provides entrepreneurs with a variety of business tools while enabling us to create a membership platform that will help members network and grow their business more efficiently.

While the benefits of membership are described on our benefits page, through this post we hope to explain why we selected a few of these benefits as the foundation of our various membership packages.

  • Networking Tools: Our membership packages will provide you with a variety of tools that enable you to share your products and services more easily as well as brand yourself in the process. The MBizCard will enable you to make sure you never leave home without a business card. Through its features your network will be able to save and share your information more easily while also efficiently submitting you a referral. The E-News and E-Share platforms will help you stay in front of your network more efficiently through e-newsletters and social media posts. When you have the ability to plan ahead and schedule your messages you are able to be more efficient in marketing your business and managing your daily tasks. Finally, our audio/video conferencing tools will help you meet with clients without having to waste time driving to and from their office. In addition, they make scheduling of meetings a lot easier since you can find times when people are available to meet but might not all be available to meet in the same location. Use the video conferencing tool as a way to stay connected or to share your computer screen and share information with prospective customers.
  • Efficiency Tools and Services: We understand how hard it is for entrepreneurs to be truly efficient. Accordingly, we have brought together some tools and services that will enable you to improve your efficiency. While only the scheduling part of our Efficient Contact Management platform is part of these packages, we are happy to provide a one month FREE trial to the full ECM for anyone who joins at the Bullseye or Ultimate packages. With a scheduler, you can waste less time trying to find a good time to meet with contacts and customers since you they can easily click on a link, find your availability, and schedule an appointment or meeting on the spot. Want to provide a service where payment is required upfront? This is all built into the platform, thus allowing you to efficiently get paid for your products and services. In addition to the ECM Platform, we have rolled out our Members Assistance Plan which will provides unlimited phone support for you and your family! This means that when various HR or personal situations arise, you can have a certified consultant assist you during this process. Pair this with a phone and web-based concierge service and you are able to spend more time on your business and less time doing research for personal needs. Finally, with our Warm-Lead Generator, members are able to efficient find a member who can assist with their current business or personal needs while members are able to receive warm-leads and thus spend more time marketing to individuals who are interested in the services and products they provide!
If you have any questions about the various membership packages, our team is available to discuss them with you. We also encourage you to talk with current members and are willing to provide referrals to current members so you can talk with them about how they are using the tools provided to grow their business.

The NEW & Improved EBOSS Group

Welcome to the EBOSS Group! We are excited about the launch of our group platform as we know it will help small organizations receive benefits usually provided to large organizations.

New Year's Day brings about a new beginning and for many it allows them to set new goals or resolutions. For us, we have been building to this for the last few months and making sure we have in place the tools and partners to make this group a great success and most importantly a TRUE benefit to YOU!

In order to understand who we are, let us briefly discuss how we originated. In 2011, our founder, Chris Vaughan created Firm Transitions, LLC (a consulting and recruiting company for law firms). In 2012, he wanted to find a way to bring more value to the small law firms so the Firm Transitions Network was born. However, it did not have the internal impact he was looking for when creating the group. In 2013, Firm Transitions expanded and started providing back office support to small organizations under the name Bizness Transitions. Then in 2014, the EBOSS Group was formed as a holding company for the various small companies either owned or partially owned by our founder. Accordingly, these small companies became divisions of the EBOSS Group.

With a continued desire to help small organizations, we realized that the bundling of key business tools is exactly what many small organizations need. Unlike many groups whose discount programs solely drive business to large organizations, the EBOSS Group was designed to help small organizations network and provide value to members that enables both parties to grow! Small organizations utilize referral marketing all the time. We have just found a way to take it to the next level. While we are happy to provide members with a residual income stream for promoting new members, we do NOT earn a sales commission for business between members. We make sure that the commission earned goes into the buyers pocket by making sure all members provide other members with their best pricing.

We are excited to help you Grow Your Business! The question is, "Are you ready?"