The EBOSS Group understands the value Branding as it relates to organizational growth and does not provide any marketing services without making sure you are not throwing money away. In order to do this, we created The Branding Puzzle. Each piece of the puzzle will be discussed briefly below. We look forward to going over it with you in more detail during your FREE consultation. Contact us today to learn more.

Spotlight: Middle Row

Let us start by looking the middle row of The Branding Puzzle. It is the key to making sure your brand is carried out in everything you do and is part of your strategic plan. A strong Mission Statement will be comprised of both what "Differentiates" your organization and your "Key Values".

Key Values are what your organization believes in and can be viewed as the "character" or "culture" of your organization. This is important because your brand is comprised of what your staff believes about your organizaion and its public's perception. The internal culture your create for your organization will often be visible to the public. This has become more transparent as technology continues to improve and people are often willing to post their opinions through social media and websites that focus on sharing what it is like to be employed by a specific organization. Note that it is difficult to truly promote your key values in a short marketing campaign. These are more designed to be part of the long-term marketing initiative.

Differentiators are what truly makes your organization different from competitors. When determining your differentiators, think about only what differences are measurable. For example, when we first started working with members we found that almost all of our members believed that their key differentiator was "customer service". The problem here is that if everyone believes customer service is a differentiator then it cannot be a true differentiator. It is also hard to measure unless you want to track time it takes to respond to or solve various matters. Even then, it helps to be able to measure what your competitors are doing for validation of how it makes your organization different.

Now, back to the Mission Statement. Your mission statement should be something that everyone in your organization has access to and can even memorize. Accordingly it should only be one to two sentences that explains in a clear and concise manner who you are, what you do, and who you service. Your second sentence is optional and can include a little about your organization's vision. A good mission statement will be able to provide your staff with a strong framework and purpose. For this reason, the mission statement is the center-piece of The Branding Puzzle. You cannot focus on building your brand until you have a clear mission statement and message for your target market.

Top & Bottom Rows

Technically, the top and bottom rows are interchangeable but we placed the digital marketing row on top because of its recent growth and lower cost of implementation. It does not mean that it is more important than traditional marketing and the type of marketing that is best for your organization depends on its strategic plan and products or services as it relates to your target market.

Digital Marketing (top row) is based around the forms of marketing designed to reach your target market on their computers, tablets, and smartphones. It can also include your radio and television ads if the videos and audio clips are promoted online as well. The central piece of your digital marketing efforts is your website. In order to truly promote your products and services you want to make sure you have a domain and website that helps validate your organization and provides visitors with all the necessary information. Since space is cheap and you can have unlimited pages on your website, you will want to make sure it provides access to all the information you want accessible by anyone making a decision to utilize your services. It should also clearly identify the most efficient ways to connect with you.

Traditional Marketing (bottom row) is no less important that digital marketing. For centuries, organizations have been using the more traditional methods of marketing. You might associate traditional marketing with print and promotional products, advertisements in publications and on billboards, and sponsorships of various not-for-profit organizations and events. The EBOSS Group has the resources to help you with all your print and promotional marketing needs. We also work with members to help get them the best rates possible on their various ad placements.

Regardless of your marketing needs, our graphic designers, programming team, event planners and marketing managers, are here to help with all your marketing campaigns to ensure optimal value and consumer reach. Contact us today for your FREE consultation.

Column-by-Column Breakdown

Like above, let's start with the middle column of The Branding Puzzle. Note that your website and print marketing are direcly connected with the mission statement. This is because both of these methods allow your organization to provide all the information to your target market in an efficient manner. Websites allow for unlimited pages and the ability to easily link from one page to another so you can help share all the information with prospective consumers. Through print marketing, you can utilize business cards, rack cards, brochures and flyers, or even folders and magazines to share your message while providing prospects with a valuable leave behind that reminds them of your organization.

The column on the left focuses your marketing efforts on what differentiates your organization from the competition. When you are creating promotional vidoes or even ads in publications and billboards, you have to promote your brand and send a message to prospective consumers in less than 90 seconds. Accordingly, the best thing to do is promote what differentiates your organization with these marketing campaigns.

Finally, the column on the right is focused on your key values. You will notice that it is focused on your social media and public actions. That is because it is very hard to sell your key values in less than 90 seconds. People will associate your key values with your longer term actions. What you post on social media and what types of actions you and your staff make in public will help to brand the various key values and culture of your organization.

Before you spend more money on a marketing campaign, take the time to better understand how it fits with your strategic plan and enhances the brand of your organization. Contact us today for a FREE consultation.

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