Welcoming All Guests

Part of our mission is to help people collaborate and build relationships. For that reason, we will NEVER* limit the number of times someone can attend a meeting as a guest. We welcome all guests and encourage them to come back so they can build strong relationships with other people that attend the events.

* Please note that if a guest or member is rude to other attendees and their actions prove to be not in line with helping other members then we will ask that individual to never return. We want to build a collaborative environment.

Benefits of Membership

While we will always welcome guests to our events, there are some GREAT BENEFITS to becoming a member of the EBOSS Group. For starters, we keep it cost effective by allowing members to join on a semi-annual basis. We know that life throws us curve balls and we often have to make changes. By having this flexible, semi-annual membership, you are able to enjoy the full benefits of membership without having to commit to all twelve months of the year. We know that once you experience the benefits of membership, you will want to remain a member as long as your business focus is building relationships and taking action to help grow your organization.

Now you are wondering, "What are these great benefits that I receive?" Great question. We have them broken down into 2 categories:

Personal Benefits

  • Attend any EBOSS Group meeting anywhere, anytime
  • 1-minute introduction instead of 30 seconds at meetings
  • Presentation priority at primary chapter
  • Guest presenter priority at other EBOSS Group chapters
  • Member profile in the online forum
  • Search directory to view all member profiles
  • Monthly download of all members' contact information
  • Receive discounts from other members

Organizational Benefits

  • Complimentary EBOSS.Reviews Member Account
  • Post special events to the online calendar
  • Complimentary SEO report powered by DataJeo
  • Provide a special discount to other members
  • Special B2B discounts to help grow your business

As we continue to grow the EBOSS Group, we will be looking at ways to provide you with even MORE benefits!!!

What's the Cost?

No matter what word you want to use, your investment is a mere $97 every 6 months. Yep, you read that correctly. You will receive ALL of the benefits listed above for only 53 cents per day!

BUT for a LIMITED TIME and just the 1st 100 Members, we are going to give you 6 Months FREE! Simply join for $97 and you won't pay again till this date next year!!!


You can search for a "Referring Member" by typing their name in the search bar above the first person's name.


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