Strengthen Your ORGANIZATION

The EBOSS Group believes that your Organization is only as strong as its weakest link. Creating an organization that can grow depends on the ability of management to create a strong culture within your organization. This all starts with hiring the right people from the start. If you have hired people based on their paper-based qualifications and the way they answer questions about their past work experiences then there is a good chance you are hiring the wrong people. Unless your organization is made up of a team that can work from home and be 100% independent, you need to make sure the person is a fit for your organization and will thrive in the environment your organization has created or better yet is trying to create. 

The process does not end, however, with just trying to hire the right people. Once you have them, you need to keep them. In a number of surveys about why businesses fail, the number one reason provided by the employees of the organizations is lack of management. What is happening is people are being hired and management just expects them to be great at their job. While management is spending time trying to figure out how to grow the business, they are forgetting about the importance of strengthening the businesess from the inside first. The organizations who are most sucessfull have management in place that understand the importance of "leading by example."

As an EBOSS Group member, you will receive FREE access to a human resource portal powered by our partnership with BHS. The best part is we can provide assistance to BOTH management and employees in a manner designed to strengthen your organization. Contact us today to learn more.

Management Consulting

Management Consultants are licensed, Masters level clinicians specially trained to help supervisors move difficult employee and workplace situations to a positive resolution. By providing unlimited telephone support to you and your management team, the management consultants are able to guide you through every step of the EAP referral process. This starts with guidance on what behavioral patters to look for, how and what to document, and how to most effectively refer an employee to the EAP. In addition, they help make the important decisions between workplace issues appropriate for the EAP and those that require intervention from legal or other resources. The management consultants also ensure you and your supervisors receive regular and appropriate updates on employees progress as it relates to EAP compliance.

Below are some common issues addressed by management consultants:

  • Supervisor Referrals
  • Employee Behavior Issues
  • Workplace Culture Issues
  • Skill Building
  • Policy Needs
  • Difficult Situations & Onsite Events: Death, Robbery, Management Change
  • Organizational Issues
  • Training Requests

Employee Assistance

While receiving guidance on how to handle issues is valuable to management, employees are often worried to bring their problems to supervisors over fear they might get fired. By providing them a third-party assistance plan, we can make sure they understand the value of privacy. It allows our team to provide the support they need but with the understanding that you will be kept in the loop as it relates to improvements or setbacks. Please note, we will at NO point provide you with employee confidential information as it relates to patient confidentiality. Making sure your employees understand this is key to allowing our team to truly help your employees who need assistance.

Your employees will receive unlimited 24/7/365 telephone support. In the event our team believes an issue requires in-person assistance, up to 5 sessions with a qualified consultant will be covered per incident. Employees can call the toll-free number anytime and for any reason. Whether they need to find child care so they can go to work, assistance finding quality elder care for their parents, or need to ask a questions about how to handle a legal situation (we will not answer legal questions about issues they have with you or your management team) we want to be their resource. The most common types of issues are:

  • Relationships: spouse, children, supervisor, friends, co-worker
  • Life Changes: marriage, divorce, births, deaths, promotions, retirement
  • Life Challenges: stress, illness, financial/legal concerns, childcare, eldercare, conflict, parenting
  • Risks: depression, anxiety, suicidal thoughts, burnout, anger, alcohol/drugs, abuse

Other Benefits

While we provide the benefits of our BHS partnership to all members, we have developed a number of great relationships with companies that enable us to help you put together a valuable employee benefits package. Common features included in benefits packages include:

  • Concierge services for life's events and needs
  • Discounts for various products and services
  • Identity theft assistance and monitoring
  • Insurance: health, life, dental, vision, etc.
  • Patient advocacy and telemedicine
  • Pre-paid legal service

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