Built to SCALE

The EBOSS Group will help ensure your organization is built to Scale as it relates to demand and expected growth. There are a number of people who had great ideas for a business but did not have the ability to scale on demand. Their inability to deliver products and services in a timely manner led to them closing down what could have been a lucrative business. The same can be said for not-for-profit organizations. Regardless of your industry, if your organization is not set up to scale, your ability to deliver products and services at a reasonable cost can negatively impact your brand and bottom line.

If you believe that scalability is related to assembly lines, think again. It impacts all aspects of your organization including employees, technology, space, and inventory. Systems that work well during development, deployed on a small scale, can fail to meet performance goals when the deployment is scaled up to support real levels of use.

In order to make sure your organization is ready to scale on demand, you must understand the collectable data and be able to forecast your needs. This all comes down to understanding numbers and equations. If you do not have the data or are struggling to understand what it means with respect to the growth of your organization, contact us for a FREE consultation.

IT Consulting & Management

Technology is key to running an efficient and scalable organization. Many business owners make the mistake of trusting "stock" computers from large retail stores because they can get them inexpensive. While you can save money upfront, it could cost your organization too much in the longrun. Accordingly, one of the best investments you can make is in proper IT management which helps to monitor your devices for malware, viruses, and inefficiencies.

Since 90% of computer related issues can be resolved remotely, we encourage your to contact us today to learn more about our abilities to help you manage your technology needs in an efficient and cost effective manner.

Employees vs. Staffing

One of the biggest debates organizations have is related to hiring new employees. While they can hire an employee for less than using outsourced staff, there are additional liabilities and risks when bringing on a new employee. It can be very costly to your organization if you are not ready to provide the individual with long-term employment. In addition, if "employees" are not classified correctly, it could lead to huge tax liabilities and penalties at a later date. When you are requiring individuals to work at specific times and locations, it is harder to justify that they are contract labor. Accordingly, it can be more beneficial to utilize an outsourced solution that will take care of everything so all you have to do is train and compensate.

The EBOSS Group will help you determine what is best for your organization and needs. We can then help you with the process to make sure either qualified employees are found or you are connected with a staffing agency that is best suited to find individuals that can meet your needs. As a neutral third-party, we will help make sure the needs of your organization are always placed first.

Contact us today to learn more or request your FREE consultation.