The EBOSS Group is designed to help make sure your organizatoin grows based on a well developed Strategy. Whether you believe in goal setting or not, one thing you must do to truly grow your organization is create a strategic plan that is detailed enough to follow but flexible enough to revisit each year and adjust as needed. While Strategy is our last word in the EBOSS acronym, it is actually the most important. After all, you should save the best for last. When working with your organization, there is no way we can help with your efficiency, branding, organization, or scalability without either understanding your plan or helping you develop one that allows for growth.

In order to determine how strong of a plan you have for your organization, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do my partners and I agree on the direction of our organization?
  • Does my management team understand the direction of our organization?
  • Does the staff understand our mission statement?

It is not uncommon for people to answer "Yes" to all of these questions. Unfortunately, when we start to help the organization, the disconnect comes out fairly quickly and often is a surprise to owners and managers of the organization. If you would like to learn how our team can help analyze or develop your strategic plan,  contact us today.

Meetings & Retreats

Have you tried to discuss your strategic plan inside the workplace? Did you try to lead your own strategic planning retreat? How did those experiences work for you and the development of a plan? If you found that it was hard to stay on task or the people involved seemed hesitant to truly help with the plan, it is time you contact the EBOSS Group to plan and facilitate your next strategic plan meeting or retreat.

Often times, people assume that the word "retreat" means the need to go to an expesive, remote destination. Accordingly, they are hesitant to spend money on retreats and figure it can be handled internally. Retreats, however, do not have to be at remote locations. While it is encouraged that they take place off-site, the location could be at a local hotel, restaurant with a private room, or a conference center.

When the EBOSS Group plans and faciliates your retreat, you can focus on work up until the retreat and once it is over. Our team will take care of all the preparation and summary analysis. In addition, we will make sure that your team remains on task during the course of the retreat.

Contact us today to schedule your FREE consultation and make sure your next strategic planning meeting or retreat is a successful one.

Plan Analysis

Just because you believe you have created a strategic plan does not mean it is one that is easily followed or understood by othe rmembers of your organization. Our team will review your strategic plan and work with you to make sure it can serve as a roadmap that will grow your organization.

Our plan analysis services follow a simple five step process:

  1. Learn about YOUR organization during a FREE consultation
  2. Review your current plan
  3. Talk with members of your management team and staff
  4. Analyze all the information and determine what issues need to be addressed
  5. Write a new plan or enhance the current plan

What are you waiting for? Contact us today to make sure your organization has a strong plan in place to ensure its long-term growth.

Retained Consulting

In sports, even the best players in the world have personal coaches to help make sure that their methods are fundamentally sound and will continually work with them to facilitate long-term success. The same is true in business and the EBOSS Group is here to help your organization succeed.

We believe that our members are part of our organizational family. Accordingly, we want to see everyone succeed and work hard to help each of our members whenever possible. Regarless of the service we are providing to your organization, we will help make suggestions that will benefit you along the way. However, we are able to work more closely and prioritize your needs if you are utilizing our retained coaching services. These are packages that guarantee meeting times throughout the year.

One key difference between our coaching method and that of other business coaches is what we call "tutoring". Many business coaches associate themselves more with being the teacher in the classroom. Even though they may be giving personalized support, it is more on a guidance leval and "homework" is assigned that you must complete. The problem here is that if you do not fulfill your end then the next session is not as valuable and before long you are spending money without seeing many results. Through our approach, we work with you and help to make sure the "homework" is done properly between each session. This could include helping you find ways to get the answers more quickly or by pointing you in the right direction so you can know where to start. It also means making sure you stay on task. We will follow up with you via email or phone between sessions with reminders and allow for unlimited email support (some packages include unlimited video calls or phone call support as well).

Many of our members use our FREE consultation as their first session and we are willing to provide as much information and guidance as possible. This enables you to see how our team works. We are even working on our member's only section that will provide training modules for a variety of topics designed to help grow your organization. Contact us today to learn more!