EBOSS News | Introducing EBOSS Group Membership!


The EBOSS Group is designed to help members of small organizations receive the benefits of large organizations. Through our blog, we will be providing tips that enable you to grow your business!

Introducing EBOSS Group Membership!

Over the last few months we have worked internally and with strategic partners to put together a platform that provides entrepreneurs with a variety of business tools while enabling us to create a membership platform that will help members network and grow their business more efficiently.

While the benefits of membership are described on our benefits page, through this post we hope to explain why we selected a few of these benefits as the foundation of our various membership packages.

  • Networking Tools: Our membership packages will provide you with a variety of tools that enable you to share your products and services more easily as well as brand yourself in the process. The MBizCard will enable you to make sure you never leave home without a business card. Through its features your network will be able to save and share your information more easily while also efficiently submitting you a referral. The E-News and E-Share platforms will help you stay in front of your network more efficiently through e-newsletters and social media posts. When you have the ability to plan ahead and schedule your messages you are able to be more efficient in marketing your business and managing your daily tasks. Finally, our audio/video conferencing tools will help you meet with clients without having to waste time driving to and from their office. In addition, they make scheduling of meetings a lot easier since you can find times when people are available to meet but might not all be available to meet in the same location. Use the video conferencing tool as a way to stay connected or to share your computer screen and share information with prospective customers.
  • Efficiency Tools and Services: We understand how hard it is for entrepreneurs to be truly efficient. Accordingly, we have brought together some tools and services that will enable you to improve your efficiency. While only the scheduling part of our Efficient Contact Management platform is part of these packages, we are happy to provide a one month FREE trial to the full ECM for anyone who joins at the Bullseye or Ultimate packages. With a scheduler, you can waste less time trying to find a good time to meet with contacts and customers since you they can easily click on a link, find your availability, and schedule an appointment or meeting on the spot. Want to provide a service where payment is required upfront? This is all built into the platform, thus allowing you to efficiently get paid for your products and services. In addition to the ECM Platform, we have rolled out our Members Assistance Plan which will provides unlimited phone support for you and your family! This means that when various HR or personal situations arise, you can have a certified consultant assist you during this process. Pair this with a phone and web-based concierge service and you are able to spend more time on your business and less time doing research for personal needs. Finally, with our Warm-Lead Generator, members are able to efficient find a member who can assist with their current business or personal needs while members are able to receive warm-leads and thus spend more time marketing to individuals who are interested in the services and products they provide!
If you have any questions about the various membership packages, our team is available to discuss them with you. We also encourage you to talk with current members and are willing to provide referrals to current members so you can talk with them about how they are using the tools provided to grow their business.